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GEOSTAT software

Software iconList of FOSS software used in this course and installation instructions. Follow these instructions to prepare and customize the software before the beginning of the course.

Literature used

ASDAR bookList of books / lecture notes used in this course. See also: CRAN Task View: Analysis of Spatial Data.


« February 2017 »

The temporal GRASS GIS framework: Introduction and application

Location: EM room

Objective: Introduction and application of the new temporal GIS framework implemented in GRASS GIS version 7
General description: The temporal GRASS GIS framework has been developed to manage, process and analyse 
large scale, spatio-temporal environmental data. In this lecture the conception of this temporal framework will be
introduced as well as its application in a live demonstration by managing, analyzing and visualizing a
massive, spatio-temporal climate dataset of Europe. The following topics  will be covered in the live demonstration:

  • Spatio-temporal querying
  • Spatio-temporal aggregation
  • Temporal sampling
  • Spatio-temporal statistics
  • Space time voxel cube analysis and visualization
  • Spatio-temporal map calculation
  • Creation of time series animation

Required back-ground knowledge:  GRASS GIS version 7, time series analysis in R
Software / R packages required: none, presentation and live demonstration

Provisional programme:

9:00–10:00 Temporal GRASS GIS framework introduction

10:00–10:30 Coffee break 

10:30–12:30 Temporal GRASS GIS framework application: live demonstration of management,
spatio-temporal analysis and visualization of European climate data from 1950 - 2011 with daily resolution


IfGI Muenster
51° 57' 5.3316" N, 7° 37' 31.9404" E
Presentation.pdf1.93 MB
Plot_European_mean_temperature_history.R1.9 KB
temperatures_Europe_data.zip1.24 MB
vol_5y_mean.zip3.33 MB
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