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GEOSTAT is becoming OpenGeoHub. After 11 years of the working name "GEOSTAT" we have finally registered a foundation, name / trademark and a domain that will be reserved only for our activities. We have done this because, (a) we want to professionalize the summer schools and similar events, and (b) we want to avoid any overlap / confusion with any other similar group names (in 2016 we have organized a Geostat in Albacete, while at almost the same time Spain has also hosted the Geostat conference - - absolutely no reason to have such overlaps any more!). We have thus hired a professional designer to helps us get the right logo and message, and then also invested some 3000 EUR to register the name, open a bank account etc. So the Summer school can slowly become independent of the hosting institutes. Having a legal body allows us also to apply for funding so that we can maybe provide scholarships / support the ones that need it the most. Any re-branding can often be tiring and frustrating, so we ask you for your patience! We will try to keep all the old links so majority of users of this website should have no problems to find the new content. Many thanks for your understanding, Tom Hengl