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TitleExtrapolation of soil-landscaperelationship from a reference area
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsA Caten ten, Dalmolin R.S.D., Pedron F.A., Mendonça-Santos M.L
JournalCiência Rural
Date Published05/2011
Keywordsdigital soil mapping, multinomial logistic regression., pedometric

The aim of this study was to apply an automated technique of soil mapping from predictive models developed at a reference area, into nearby areas of the same soil-landscape relationships. Generalized linear models were developed using nine terrain attributes derived from a digital elevation model as covariate predictors, with soil classes, obtained from a conventional soil survey, as dependent variables. The models were able to distinguish the three main forms of the local landscape. Soil classes with pedogenesis intimately tied to the predictive covariates obtained the best results. The soil maps generated, showed a reproducibility of 46.12% and an accuracy of 21.06%.