The course fee for the GEOSTAT 2018 Prague Summer School is €590; this covers the costs of facilities, lunches and coffee breaks and travel costs for lecturers, and no profits are made. Participants from, and funded by, ODA countries and/or full time students (MSc and/or PhD) pay a subsidized fee of €380 as stated in the confirmation of participation letter sent to each participant. The fees do not cover accommodation. Information about accommodation possibilities is provided on the course website, and will be regularly updated.

All payments and refunds will be made in euros.

For any questions about the payment and administrative issues please contact:

  • Matej Man (,+420 724 115 436),
    IBOT, Czech republic.

Payment details

All payments will be handled by IBOT that will be the Summer School secretariat. The payment details are:

  • Amount: €590 (if employed by an organization in ODA country and/or a full-time student: €380)
  • Account holder: Botanický ústav AV ČR, Zámek 1, 252 43 Průhonice, Czech Republic, VAT No.: CZ67985939
  • Bank: ČSOB, a.s., Radlická 333/150, 150 57 Praha, Czech Republic
  • IBAN: CZ64 0300 0000 0000 0280 3691
  • Identification text: GEOSTAT and your name
  • Identification number: 070515 and your unique ID (in your invitation letter)

Payment of the course fee must be completed before the dead-line of 1st of May 2018.

While paying course fee, do not let your bank to discharge bank charges or transfer charges from final course fee! Nor let the bank to discharge it from IBOT. Course fee dos not include your bank charges. The cost of transfer and bank charges are your expenses.We really need to receive full course fee based on the amount in your invitation letter.

When we receive your payment, we will generate and print the invoice. Printed invoice will be provided to you on the spot, during the course. Invoices will be dedicated to the subject you provided during registration as invoicing address. In case, you need to adjust the information, pleas edit the field after logig in this website. Please provide full name of the institution, address, and VAT number. In case you did not provided any invoicin adress, the invoice will be dedicated to you personally using only your name.

Cancellations and refunds

All cancellations must be sent in writing via e-mail to ''. Expect confirmation of your cancellation within 3–5 days. We appreciate early notice about cancellation because the waiting list is long.

This is an event with a very tight budget which imposes some limitations on the refunding possibilities:

  • refunding of the course fees is possible but only if a replacement (applicant on a waiting list) exists;
  • the replacement must accept the terms and conditions of payment and cover the course fees within the given deadline;
  • in the case of emergency, illness or death of registrant or immediate family member or similar tragic accident (not caused by the applicant), the organizers may refund the complete fees even if no replacement exists (to be decided by the organizing committee);
  • in principle, no refunds will be issued for cancellations within 8 weeks of the beginning of the event;

In some cases, people cancel participation in the summer school at the last minute. Most frequently this happens due to two reasons: (1) registrant did not receive a visa or travel permit on time; (2) registrant has missed an airplane/train. In both cases the same refunding policies will apply (no refunding is possible). The only thing we can provide is a letter explaining the situation to your employer or university with a copy of this refunding policy. Please make this clear to your budget holder before the beginning of the summer school.


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